Data Inspection

Journeyman inspect each image for industry standard advisories, summarize repair actions and criticality for system reliability and safety.

Actionable Data

You will know what's wrong with each structure, which structure ID's are the most critical, and data to best optimize your maintenance procedure.


Our development experts integrate the V.O.L.T data into your existing software platforms, so you don't have to buy, or learn any new software....keeping the workflow simple & effective.

Regardless of data size, we inspect, categorize, and implement into Your existing tools in (12) days.


By sourcing V.O.L.T for quality Journeyman Lineman for the inspection of aerial imagery, our solution is more cost effective than internal options, while yielding a super fast overall process, which keeps your lineman in the field making repairs.


Because our software standardizes the inspection process, utilities experience a consistent review with NO data management bottlenecks. There is no software purchase!

Your job is to make repair decisions & allocate resources.


We qualify and distinguish Journeyman by Voltage Class, Structure Type, & Experience to ensure an optimal inspection.

Structures from 7.2kV - 345kV is the bulk of our work.


drone inspection - Volt Inspections

Drone Operators Service Network

A drone pilot with electrical utility understanding can be hard to find.

We have a qualified network of operators we trust in capturing great inspection data if you wish to outsource the data collection.

Want to Give it a Try?

Because we integrate the data into utilities existing systems, we can't publish our entire workflow and solution.

Contact us to see how other utilities are optimizing this process.